Used Port Wine Barrels Transport Costs

We get a lot of requests from all over the world for used port wine barrels, but because they are so bulky, often the price of transport can be a real issue. So here is an idea of the kind of prices that you will pay for transport.

Obviously you will see a major reduction in the transport cost per barrel if you are able to buy a container full. The most popular used port wine barrel size we sell is 225 litres and a 20′ container will take 65 of these, whilst a 40′ container will carry 150. If you cannot stretch to buying a container, a pallet will carry 4 of these barrels.

To give you a very rough guidance on price, a single pallet delivered door-to-door to northern Europe will be around €220 and to the USA €850. A 20′ container to northern Europe will be around €1800 and to the USA €3000, whilst a 40′ container will cost €2000 to northern Europe and €3500 to the USA.

Used port wine barrels on a pallet ready for shipping

You can of course organise your own shipping, but if you choose to have us handle it, we will handle all the export documentation necessary and these prices will be included in the shipping price we quote. Generally there are no customs duties payable on used barrels anywhere in the world.

If you are looking for a shipping cost for our used port wine barrels, or indeed used sherry barrels, or new oak barrels supplier, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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