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We are based just south of Porto where we have a small cooperage that specialises in producing oak barrels (in particular small wooden barrels, decorative barrels and refurbishing used Port wine barrels and other used fortified wine barrels (sherry, Madeira, Muscatel etc).

We have been growing strongly since 2010 as the popularity of craft distilling has driven demand for our products – as a result we have been able to invest in cooperage machinery to complement the skills of our expert coopers. This allows us to produce higher quantities of our barrels without sacrificing the quality.

Being based in Portugal gives us access to a relatively low-cost, skilled workforce as well as a generally low-cost environment, which makes northern Portugal a focus for production of high quality, competitively priced barrels.

Most of our work is refurbishing used port wine barrels and madeira barrels, seeing as they are available locally - when we refurbish the barrels, we do all we can to preserve all the unique flavours that these barrels bring, whilst ensuring that the barrels are watertight and ready for filling. This means that we any staves we replace are taken from other barrels in the batch, we keep a few litres of the original port in the barrels to stop them drying out and we never use sulphur! If you are interested in seeing our work for yourself, you will always be welcome for a visit.

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