We make wooden barrels sized 5 to 500 litres in French, American and Portuguese oak, Chestnut and Acacia.

The oak barrels are made in the traditional way of larger barrels with only the skill of the cooper used to make them watertight, but the Chestnut and Acacia options generally require a food-safe paraffin coating to ensure there is no possibility of leakage.

All of our wooden barrels are made with galvanized hoops, with a toasted interior and are fully pressure tested. Most traditional oak barrel manufacturers no longer produce wooden barrels in the small sizes that we specialize in, because of the extra work it gives; our production facilities are set up to make sure that we can produce these smaller barrels efficiently however, including the most up-to-date machinery to aid our highly skilled coopers to perform some of their craft that originally had to be done 100% manually.

Click here to download our oak barrels price list.

We also supply many of our standard barrel sizes in used oak, either from wine or fortified wine.

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