Used 500 litre barrel for ice baths

We try not to be judgemental at LusoBarrel, so if ice baths are your thing, then who are we to criticise? We had a client recently who is a trainer and wanted to help his athletes recovery, so he asked us to supply him with a used 500 litre wine barrel, with a removable lid and a stainless steel tap at the bottom for drainage and here you can see the end result.

Used 500 litre wine barrel with removable lid and tap

We generally have a reasonable stock of used wine barrels for sale (500 and 225 litre), as we supply them to Port wine producers, as they do not use fresh oak to mature Port (as they want to avoid more intense woody flavours), but we are happy to supply used wine barrels to anyone who needs them. In this case there was a bit of additional work as we had to make a removable lid from scratch (this was made with European oak).

Stainless steel tap on 500 litre used wine barrel

So if you are looking for an ice bath or any of the other 1001 things you can make with used wine barrels, please contact us for a quote!


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