Exotic ex fortified wine and ex spirits barrels for sale

used barrels

The majority of what we sell is used Port wine barrels and used sherry barrels, but we do have a fluctuating stock of various exotic used barrels, mainly from Portugal but from other locations also. At the moment our used barrel stock for sale includes:
Sauterne – 225 Litres

Madeira – 225 Litres

Dry White Port Wine – 225 Litres

Sweet Portuguese Moscatel de Setúbal Wine – 225 litres

Barbados Rum – 200 Litres

 Brandy de Jerez – 500 Litres

40 Years Old Tawny Port Wine Casks – 500 Litres

VS/ VSOP/ XO Cognac – 400 Litres

XO Cognac  Casks – 450 Litres

XO Brandy 40 Years Old – 400 litres

It is worth pointing out that this list is a snapshot of what we have in stock at time of writing, so it is always worth contacting us to see what we have in stock if you are looking for something in particular. Furthermore we are often able to source a particular kind of used barrel if there is something specific you have in mind.

Some used barels from our stock warehouse

All of the barrels that we supply are refurbished so that they are ready to be used – our work is split into sourcing barrels through all our relationships and contacts in the drinks industry and then using our skilled coopers to work on the barrels to make sure they all leave our cooperage in full working condition.

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