Price update for our used Port wine barrels (+ used Maderia & Sherry barrels)

Here are our latest prices for used port wine barrels (and also used sherry barrels and used madeira barrels).

Used Tawny Port Barrels
500L – €770
225L – €510
128L – €310
40L – €286

Used Ruby Port Barrels
225L – €320
128L – €285
40L – €260

Used Madeira Barrels
225L – €342
128L – €312
40L – €289

Used Sherry Barrels
Oloroso 500L – €745
Fino 500L – €745
Amontillado 500L – €750
Pedro Ximinez 500L – €755

Oloroso 250L – €515
Fino 250L – €515
Amontillado 250L – €520
Pedro Ximinez 270L – €525

Oloroso 128L – €380
Fino 128L – €380
Amontillado 128L – €385
Pedro Ximinez 128L – €390

All of our used barrels and inspected and repaired where necessary to replace broken staves or hoops as appropriate; they are then pressure tested to make sure that all of the used barrels are ready to be filled. For shipping we also include some fortified wine in the barrel to avoid it drying out.

For any more information about used Port wine barrels or the other barrels we stock, please contact us; of course you would always be welcome to visit our cooperage which is near Porto in northern Portugal if you would like to see before you buy!

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